Home Restyling

You know with the passage of time, the trends change, the styles change, and the decoration also changes! That’s why this concept is just perfect to give that fresh-modern touch your home is missing. Maybe there is not much to do, but some little changes or details can make a big difference and can give you the feeling like moving without having to move.

Being open to listen and understanding your needs and wishes is the key for us to succeed. Our goal is to make your home a real wouww home! And for that, each corner and detail count!

Let’s make a change and start the home restyling. Some furniture needs to be (re)moved, a color wall needs to be changed, the floor is too old, some accessories needs to be fixed...? It can be from anything that you are not satisfied, or you are just missing THE details. Those that gives that unique touch. Just leave it in our hands!

And is this your new first home or are you in a home transition, we will furnish it, modernize it, illuminate it and make it ready for you to enjoy it.

  • We coordinate an appointment in the space to restyle. Appointment usually takes 1-2 hours.
  • Let’s go through the environments together, we agree on a working action plan and coordinate the days it will take.
  • We will (re)move the overloads and discuss about what you want to keep and what can be replaced.
  • Let’s give it a fresh and bright tone to your walls (if needed).
  • Time for the decoration!
  • Let's plan together the needed shopping list.

Travel costs will not be charged within 5 km of Capelle aan den IJssel. Beyond that, € 0.19 per km is charged. Parking costs will be charged if necessary.

Price per hour is € 45 excl. btw.