Type of interior advice Average price per room, excl. VAT  Included in price 
Color advice (low budget) € 45 - Color advice for the right atmosphere
Basic interior advice (medium budget) € 135 - Color advice for the right atmosphere
- Styling advice
Extensive interior advice, including purchase advice and material costs (most extensive budget) € 405 - Color advice for the right atmosphere
- Styling advice
- Light plan
- Shopping list with suitable furniture / accessories, including sales addresses 
Home organizer € 45 p/hr - Advice how to organize your room(s)


Low budget choice:

You pay the lowest price when you choose only color advice for one or more rooms in your house. The interior stylist gives color advice about paint, wallpaper, curtains and possibly accessories. The costs are € 45 per room.

Mid budget choice:

The most common choice is compact advice on 1 room in the house. The interior stylist gives interior advice on the colors and layout of the furniture, often based on a floor plan. This advice costs € 135 per room.

Most extensive choice:

The interior stylist offers the most luxury by giving extensive interior advice, including purchasing advice. The stylist provide a shopping list, including sales addresses, with the right furniture to make your home beautiful. This advice costs € 405.


Travel costs will not be charged within 5 km of Capelle aan den IJssel. Beyond that, € 0.19 per km is charged. Parking costs will be charged if necessary.

Price per hour is € 45 excl. btw.