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"If you wait until you dare to make a change or wait until you have enough money to restyle and make your home your home, this will never happen. If you wait to buy everything new, you are not understanding the goal. It's the old, the new, the used, the collected, the damaged but loved, which makes your home yours."

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We solves the aesthetic and organizational disorder by refreshing each environment that you request from your home. We have the latest design and planning tools to give you the best service with the best investment.




Home restyling

You know with the passage of time, the trends change, the styles change, and the decoration also changes! That’s why this concept is just perfect to give that fresh-modern touch....

Gift card

Ready to surprise someone!? Have you thought about the possibility of giving a gift voucher to a friend or relative who is moving, and you know he needs help to organize and/or restyle his house?

home staging

Home staging will be always a big plus for the selling of your house! This will make the difference in whether your home sells or not. Home staging can add at least 5% to 7% to the sales value of a home.

shopping together (or for you)

Let's shop the look! You have no idea what to buy or where to go? Do not worry, we can go shopping together to acquire the furniture and accessories you need. And If you do not have enough time...

home organizer

"An orderly house is the product of an organized mind." Ordering is an art that leads to personal well-being. Our mission is to help you in the process to improve the quality of your life...

who am I?

Hello and welcome to ModernCasa! I'm Claudia, design lover, and home renovator living in Rotterdam and I'm happy to share with you what fascinates me the most. The world of home decoration and organization!

I have been decorator for more than 10 years next to my work. I am an enthusiastic designer and a visual addict. I love innovating with spaces, moving and changing things and create unique atmospheres. 
I like the creativity, I enjoy mixing the cheap with the expensive, the old with the modern, the new with something cute from a second-hand shop, and why not! at the end what counts is to create a personal special environment.

I really enjoy reaching and working with all type of markets, different budgets, from low to high… My goal is making families happy in beautiful homes.   

I hope we can have the chance to meet each other and together make that cozy and warm change in your home!


Blogging section

Tips to keep your home organized

  • Start by scrapping and sorting.
  • Sort and group the products by type.
  • Keep only what makes you happy.
  • The things you can not see do not exist: everything must be at hand and in sight (inside the closets).
  • Surround yourself with things that make you happy: it can be a candle, a vase of flowers or a basket with soaps.
  • Order at once and you will not suffer the rebound effect.
  • You will feel the emotion of the "click moment": you will have acquired a new mentality and finally, you will be an organized person.

7 fabulous colors to paint the walls of a small room

  • NAVY BLUE - It could be risky to use dark colors in spaces, but well applied are wonderful. This combination of navy blue with touches of yellow and white details would be sensational and of course different.
  • TURQUOISE – GREEN BLUE - These 2 colors are now very fashionable.
    Consists of painting one or two walls of a different color to the others to create a visual separation.
    It is generally used with light furniture so as not to create a very dark atmosphere.
  • RED - It is a color that transmits love, joy, and sensuality. Red is very combinable and adaptable to all styles depending on the color of the furniture you use. Play with tones in beige, lead, black, white and always a high floor will give that special touch.
  • BEIGE PAINT AND WOODE TEXTURE – This combination is one of my favorites. If you play with different textures in beige not only on the wall but also with the furniture, it will create a neutral and peaceful environment. Adding some wooden accessories, you will create a unique touch.
  • DETAILS ON WHITE - White has no loses and is preferred for small spaces but it does not have to be boring at all! Adding paintings or pictures is an accessible and very personal way of giving life to the room.
  • GRAY AND WHITE - If the all-white look seems monotonous, but you love the modern Nordic style, the combination of gray and white walls is the best alternative to break the uniformity. So that the floor does not steal prominence, the ideal is that it is made of wood in light tones and that the furniture and accessories are in charge of putting the strongest point of contrast.  
  • PASTEL COLORS - They are light, neutral and relaxing colors. Although they are colors that can have a child or female personality, this range of colors can create cool and cozy spaces and spaces with lots of light. Depending on the decoration, you can create a vintage look.


  • Less to clean
  • Less to organize
  • Less to store
  • Less mess